Musicology remembers Hector Contreras

Visionary founder of Musicology, Hector Contreras, has passed away.

Hector Contreras’ legacy of Musicology

Almost seven full years ago, Hector Contreras had a vision – to make a show that highlighted musical talent. When Musicology first started in 2013, it was nothing more than a small YouTube channel with a few clips and a few videos that Hector made that showcased both the talent of the featured bands as well as his visual creativity. Over the next seven years, the venture went from a small YouTube channel, to a full out TV show on KVCR PBS with the official release of Musicology season 1 in 2017. After a path riddled with hurdles and obstacles, Musicology is just about to finish releasing it’s second season online, airing on KVCR PBS later this year.

Hector Contreras, creator and founder of Musicology

The Musicology show wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the vision and creativity of Hector Contreras. Hector Contreras has sadly passed away on August 24th, 2020.

Hector was a creative visionary when it came to his talents in videography and video editing – the very processes that could essentially make or break a show. Hector made it happen. Everything from his video transitions, his animations, his song choices, all down to the slightest detail – he wouldn’t sleep until it was perfect.

Hector Contreras behind the camera

He was passionate about film and it was evident by the visual appeals of both Musicology seasons one and two. His face would light up on set when he would direct the crew to capture the bands and their music in the most optimal way.

Hector did more for local musicians than almost anyone else I can think of. This is truly a sad day. The world has lost a truly benevolent spirit.

– Chris T.

Hector will be remembered not only for his unparalleled talent, but for his unrelenting free spirit. One couldn’t go ten seconds before hearing him crack a joke, laugh or make someone else laugh. He was both an integral part of the Musicology machine as well as a friend to many.

Hector Contreras working his magic on the sound board

As of the publishing date of this article, there are still two more episodes of Musicology season 2 that have yet to be released. It will be bittersweet to release the remaining episodes but it is without a doubt that he would want his dream and his legacy to continue.

Hector Contreras in “work mode”

Hector Contreras, as well as his family, are in our prayers. The world has lost a great and talented man. May he rest in peace ❤

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