How to promote your band online and get more followers

Everyone starts somewhere. A guide to growing your band's fanbase.

Ever find yourself asking “how can I promote my band” or “can can I get more fans for my band”? It’s the age old question of every new artist in 2019. Since there are so many musicians and bands popping up left and right all over the world, it might appear like an intimidating task to grow your fans.

In the music world, your fans are your lifeline. Your success is measured in how many views, plays and sales your music pulls. 20 years ago, you couldn’t get your band off the ground without being discovered by a huge record label. Today, there are many bands who can become successful completely on their own simply by utilizing the internet and social media.

Using social media to grow your band’s fanbase

Wherever you have your music hosted, whether it is soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify or others, you need to raise awareness of your band. Though there are people who will accidentally stumble upon your music by randomly browsing a genre on Spotify (if your music is on Spotify), it isn’t a dependable way to grow an audience. Plus – you can’t easily interact with your fans on Spotify or platforms like that. That’s why you need to grow the three big platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat


Facebook may feel increasingly like an old school platform but believe me – it’s not. Facebook has huge potential to greatly increase your band’s exposure given the fact that you can upload videos, long form posts, pictures, albums, events and even interact with your fans.

You can grow your band’s Facebook presence in ___ ways:

  1. Encouraging people to “Like us on Facebook!” (and Twitter and Instagram when you play at gigs. ALWAYS list your social media handles on your flyers.
  2. Encourage your fans to share your content on Facebook.
  3. Utilize Facebook Ads – Facebook has a robust way of generating traffic to pages or posts by throwing some money at Facebook advertising. You can throw $1 at it or you can throw $10,000 at it. The more money you invest in your Facebook ads, the more traction you will receive and it scales relatively proportionately. It’s very friendly with any budget so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Optimally, you should have between 1 and 3 original content posts on your Facebook page every day.


Twitter’s nature is fast paced. Use Twitter to post quick pictures, updates, short clips and fun behind-the-scenes content. Use twitter to be funny, engaging. You can also use Twitter to post short version of whatever you post on Facebook.

You can buy ads on Twitter as well but Twitter ads aren’t really as effective as Facebook ads. You can organically grow followers on Twitter naturally without needing to throw money at it.

Optimally, you should tweet between 3 and 5 times per day.


Instagram is a big one. Because of Instagram’s mobile nature and growing audience, Instagram can be a great help for growing your fans. Use Instagram to post higher quality pictures of your band, album art, video clips and event information.

Because Facebook and Instagram are essentially the same company, any paid ads you put into your Facebook page also has the potential to boost your instagram account as well if it’s linked.

Additionally, you should post Instagram stories as often as possible. Instagram stories can be the band members goofing off, behind the scenes clips, you guys being funny, one of the members talking to the camera about an upcoming event etc. Since Facebook and Instagram can be linked, Instagram stories can be viewed on your Facebook page as well. Use this feature!

Optimally you should post one Instagram picture per day or at least 5 or so per week.


Snapchat is an app that utilizes a Instagram/Facebook story feature. Use Snapchat every time you post an Instagram story. Unfortunately, Instagram and Snapchat do not link together at the moment so you will have to make Snapchat stories completely separately.

Have the same sort of material on Snapchat as well – behind the scenes clips, talking to the camera about events, jam sessions etc.

NOTE: Only one user can have access to a Snapchat account at a time so make sure your band’s designated social media person is in charge and is able to keep the Snapchat active.

Post Videos

Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or all three, POST VIDEOS. People love watching things on their phone or computer screens and videos are easy to make.

  • Jam session videos go a long way. It makes you guys seem real. It makes it look like you love making music. Fans want to see that.
  • If you have the budget and the resources, make music videos! More on this later.
  • Behind the scenes videos. Are you guys all hanging out? Are you all at some restaurant eating? A 30 second clip of all of you looking like you’re having a good time will appear relatable to your fans.
  • Include shoutouts to your own social media platforms. If you’re making a YouTube video, be sure to include “Like us on Facebook at…” or “Follow us on instagram at…” and vice versa.


If you have to ask yourself “does my band need a website?” The short answer is YES. The long answer is YEEESSSSSSSS.

Your band’s website needs to essentially be the hub of all of your band’s operations and activities. Are you going on tour? Maybe you have a few gigs lined up? Your band’s website needs to have a schedule or list of upcoming events. Your band’s website needs to have a place where fans can read more general information about your band and band members.

Things you need for a band website:

  • Home page
  • Contact page – How else will venues be able to book you?
  • Events page – a list of upcoming gigs and events that your band will be taking attending
  • Bio page – A picture and and a few sentences about each of your band members.
  • MUSIC PAGE – Obviously. Where can people find your music?
  • Merchandise page – do you have merch you want to sell? More on that below

Musicology Features

Here at Musicology, we’re all about showcasing bands and talent and helping artists grow. That’s why we released our Musicology Features section of Musicology.

It’s really simple – all you have to do is fill out the form on our page and your band will get featured on our site! Your band’s feature page will have a vote counter on it where people can VOTE for your band. The more votes your band gets, the more perks Musicology will give you, such as merchandise, shoutouts, promotion, music videos, recorded interviews and even a chance to be on the Musicology show!

See a sample of a featured band here: Beady Jay

If you’re interested in getting your band featured or spotlighted, check out the Musicology Features section of our site or click here.

Spreadshirt Merchandise

If you’re asking “How can I get band T shirts?” but are intimidated by the idea of buying shirts in bulk and manually shipping them out when someone buys one – you’re not alone. That’s why we advocate making a SpreadShirt store for your band.

The beauty of SpreadShirt is that all you have to do is upload a design and choose what you want to plaster it on – and you’re done! People can now buy shirts, hats, bags or whatever you list with YOUR band’s name on it and you get a commission for every sale!

That means no inventory, no shipping costs, no out of pocket expenses – just you and your creativity and money in your pocket.

Having band merchandise available means two things: 1) you get paid every time someone buys something and 2) those people who buy something are walking advertisements and supporters of your band!

Use all of your social media avenues to promote your merchandise just as much as your music itself.

Final Notes

If you’re starting from scratch, do NOT be discouraged by slow traction. Everyone starts somewhere. Just stick with it and never give up. As long as your band is together, your fans will grow as long as you stay active with the tips offered on this page.

Do you know someone who could benefit from this article? Please share this with them. Furthermore, if you have a band (or know someone in a band) and would like to have some exposure on Musicology Features, please check that out here.

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