Down With Three! – The Story of DW3

How Musicology kicked off the series the perfect way!

Driven by the ever-evolving musical vision of core members – Brothers Eric and Billy Mondragon and close family friend Damon Reel – their deepening artistry continues to transcend a well-earned reputation as a high energy, fun and freewheeling party band.

We were super excited to have DW3 on the Musicology Show, particularly enjoying the anticipation of which ‘celebrity’ session musicians they would bring with them which is always a treat.

DW3, brought their own sound guy, Eric Jr (the son of Keyboard Player and vocalist Eric Mondragon) who set up the QSC sound system for the seasoned musicians. The first track was a (better!) cover of the Pasadena’s “Tribute, Right-On” song, opening up with a super catchy bass line. The band executed the track perfectly with each take within a couple of milliseconds as you would expect from real professionals.

The second track was also a well executed cover, this time of “California Dreaming” by the Mamas & Papas. Eric, Billy and Damon all contribute lead and harmony vocals, while Eric plays keys (including synth horns and strings) and Billy adds percussion. Before allowing the band to dismantle, in anticipation of capturing some much needed b-roll, I insisted that my lead camera guy / director capture Billy playing the timbales. “I don’t have any audio right now” my camera guy said. “Never mind that! Just capture him!” I replied, not wanting to miss the moment. This ‘emphatic instruction’ caused a few (rather unnecessary in my opinion) waves in the Musicology camp. My motive was pure and literally aimed at making sure we captured the moment, and certainly not to upset anyone!

However, “all’s well that ends well” as my Grandmother would say and DW3 continues to anchor Thursday nights and the 94.7 The Wave Sunday Brunch at Spaghettini’s in Seal Beach and Beverly Hills. The band also continues to entertain Festival and Cruise-goers several times a year. The versatile ensemble is rapidly emerging as a multi-faceted recording outfit in their own right.

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